Ultima Online: Trails of Fate


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The Assassin is an evolution of the Archer

Passive Skills:

Step 1: Gain a permanent +5 to Hiding and +5 to Stealth. Also, if fullhp, the Assassin is able to run from hidden for up to 3 seconds (after starting the race, the assassin will be revealed as soon as he stops running). The Assassin cannot have less than 120 Dexterity points.
Step 2: Lose the ability to use any two-handed weapon, but give
Hidden deals 50% increased damage (with both fencing and repeating crossbow weapons).
Step 3: Gets a +5 bonus to Poisoning, which translates to increased duration and effect for all poisons used (and allows him to use poisons
mortals). In addition, the killer manages to heal his wounds with a bandage even when poisoned.

PVM Skills:

PVP Skills: