Ultima Online: Trails of Fate

Happy New Year to all!

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What we are leaving behind has turned out to be a complex and difficult year. The obstacles already present on a daily basis have been added to a world condition that has forced us to deal with many situations that we hoped for and, we hope, of not having to...

Patch 2.1 is live!

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Download our Patch 2.1 now Live! link: https://www.uotof.com/en/game-files/ENJOY UOTOF!

Easy +Exp +Honor!

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Until Monday 04/01/2021 exp + 50% and honor + 100% take advantage of it. Happy hunting everyone!

Event Magic Carpet

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With entrance to Moon, Vesper and Magincia, try your luck! for only 10k! 12 rich prizes await you. Good luck!

Site under construction

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We are setting up this site in both Italian and English. You will soon have new content. Most of the information can be found in the top menu. For any other information, you can contact us on Discord at the following address: https://discord.gg/WVChjer Enjoy!

Down for maintenance

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Tomorrow from 11.15 to 11.30 we plan to do some maintenance on the server, during this time the server will be unreachable. Thanks for collaboration!