Ultima Online: Trails of Fate

Cleric Spells

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Create FoodIt allows you to create foodAbility
HealQuickly heal the target. Not very effectiveCurative
Reactive ArmorTemporarily increases physical defence, decreases elemental defencesBuff
AgilityTemporarily increases the target’s dexterityBuff
CunningTemporarily increases the target’s intelligenceBuff
CureRemoves some magical effects from the target.Curative
HarmDeals slight damage to the target.Physical Damage
ProtectionPhysical defence decreases and spells resistance decreases, but your spells cannot be interrupted. If it is cast back on itself when the effect is active, it is deactivated.Buff
StrengthTemporarily increases target strengthBuff
BlessTemporarily increases a target’s strength, intelligence and dexterityBuff
Wall of stoneCreate an impenetrable stone wall in the groundAbility
Arch CureRemoves some magical effects from characters in the area around the summoner.Curative
Arch ProtectionDecreases physical resistance and increases the magic resist of characters in the area around the summoner.Buff
Greater HealCurate a target. More effective than heal magic but takes longer to cast.Curative
RecallAllows you to teleport using a runeAbility
Dispel FieldAllows you to remove walls created with magicAbility
ParalyzeParalyzes the target, temporarily preventing them from movingDebuff
DispelAllows you to remove a magical effect on the targetCurative
ExplosionDanneggia con un esplosionePhysical Damage
InvisibilityDamages with an explosionAbility
Mass CurseCurses by reducing intelligence, strength and dexterity to targets in a certain area around the summoner.Debuff
Energy fieldCreate an impenetrable wall of energyAbility
Mass dispelRemoves the effects of some spells on targets in an area around the summoner.Curative
EarthquakeEarthquake damage targets around the summoner.Physical Damage
ResurrectionRevive a dead target. If the target is near his body, he will be resurrected in his original bodyCurative
Summon daemonSummons a demon at the summoner’s commands that damages on command.Physical Damage