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News 2021 & New Dung!

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It is with great pleasure that the Staff of UO Trails of Fate wants to inaugurate this 2021 with a nice package of news that will be pitted gradually. Let’s start with, say, a Double-Ad! Given the speed with which we are managing to intervene on the balance of the shard to make the interaction as good as possible and the progress on the tests we are acquiring, from tonight you will be able to access a NEW type of raw material, namely the Abyssal Bones! These new types of Bones will be used to build a new Abyssal Armor, for now wearable by everyone that will give the following bonuses:
Abyssal Bone Armor 10% resFire, 31 AR while wearing full armor also gains +30 mana.
Craft: Like other bone armor + 1 legendary pelt per piece. Skill: 101% tinkering.
To celebrate the birth of this new items set, Uo ToF also launches you a challenge! You will not find these new Bones immediately available in all Monsters and NPCs of reference, but only in 3 Monsters. To find these special NPCs you will have to go through the galleries of a new Dungeon …

——————- Between the bowels of Evil, Abortion, The Enemy, The Challenger, The Heresy … It is returned to form in the Bones and in the Flesh. He is the First to launch the Threat to Them, the Fathers. … In challenging their gaze he committed atrocities and massacres, but not even his immense Power could bring them down; so he was locked up, exiled and deprived of his strength. He had to perish, and with him his Generals and his army of Impalers. He had to abandon the creation he had first defiled … But it didn’t happen … The poison that flows inside him is strong enough to Kill them, and to keep him alive … And now is coming back! SamaeL and the Two Pillars of the Abyss hammer on the incandescent anvil, Burned by a New Will [—] SamaeL: Is this what they say about me?! Mh mh mh … Let them come, first I will Break the Children … Fathers. There is no salvation from the Belly of Despise! “

Starting at 9:00 pm this evening 1/6/2021, the new version of Despise will be open! So start sharpening the blades, filling the quivers and loading the Spellbook. Who will come out alive from the Belly of the Abyss?

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