Ultima Online: Trails of Fate

Mage Spells

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ClumsyTemporarily decreases the target’s dexterityDebuff
FleeblemindTemporarily decreases the target’s intelligenceDebuff
HealQuickly heal the target. Not very effectiveCurative
Magic ArrowHit a target with a magic arrow that does little damageMagic
WeakenTemporarily decreases the strength of the targetDebuff
Magic TrapCreate magical traps in the ground that damage those who step on themPhysical Damage
Magic UntrapRemoves magic traps created by magic trapAbility
ProtectionPhysical defence decreases and spells resistance decreases, but your spells cannot be interrupted. If it is cast back on itself when the effect is active, it is deactivated.Buff
FireballQuick magic that slightly damages the opponentFire Damage
Magic lockTemporarily freeze a body, preventing it from being lootedAbility
PoisonTemporarily poisons a small target or other players.Poison Damage
TelekinesisAllows you to move objectsAbility
TeleportIt allows you to teleport a short distanceAbility
UnlockUnlock a body blocked by “magic untrap”Ability
CurseCurse a target, decreasing the selected target’s intelligence, dexterity and strength.Debuff
Fire FieldCreate a wall of fire in the groundFire Damage
LightningDamage an opponent with lightning, causing them minor damageEnergy
Mana DrainConsume some of the target’s manaAbility
RecallAllows you to teleport using a runeAbility
Magic ReflectionReflects an opponent’s magic back to the sender. Only hostile spells can be reflected.Buff
Mind BlastDeals cold damage to the targetCold
ParalyzeParalyzes the target, temporarily preventing them from movingDebuff
Poison FieldIt creates a poisonous wall in the ground that poisons anyone who passes through itPoison
Summon CreatureAllows you to summon some creaturesAbility
Energy BoltLightning damage the target with energy damageEnergy
InvisibilityAllows the target to become invisible. It is revealed if it moves.Ability
MarkAllows you to mark a runeAbility
Paralyze fieldCreate a wall that paralyzes whoever crosses itDebuff
RevealReveal the characters hidden in a certain areaAbility
Chain LightingDamage all targets in a certain area with lightningEnergy
FlamestrikeSeverely damages a target with fire damageFire Damage
Gate TravelAllows you to create a portal for the destination shown in the rune usedAbility
Mana VampireAbsorbs a target’s manaAbility
Meteor SwarmCreate meters that damage targets in a certain area.Fire Damage
Summon Air ElementalSummons an elemental vortex of air at the summoner’s controls that causes energy damage.Physical Damage
Summon Earth ElementalSummons an earth elemental at the command of the extremely tough summoner.Physical Damage
Summon Fire ElementalSummons a fire elemental at the command of the summoner that deals fire damage.Fire Damage
Summon Water ElementalSummons a water elemental at the command of the summoner who heals and blesses allies.Cold Damage