Ultima Online: Trails of Fate


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The mage is probably the most feared class in combat, particularly by warriors, due to his purely offensive magical abilities. Unlike other classes, the mage cannot equip any type of weapon or armor, except enchanted clothing. Higher Intelligence levels allow the mage to cast more powerful spells, while sacrificing vitality. The magician is therefore the most fragile class ever and must therefore pay close attention to his own dexterity (generally very low, sacrificed in favor of intelligence) in order not to run out of stamina, thus becoming an easy target to take down. The cost of equipment for wizards is undoubtedly the cheapest, but if you don’t know enough spells it could be difficult to earn even the little to support yourself. Upon creating your character, you will be given the spell book with some basic spells. The next spells you can learn by meditating on the parchments, the scrolls can be obtained in various ways, the main ones are: Find them in the loot of killed monsters or buy them from other players. It is also possible to create them with the skill inscription


The stats are Strength, Intelligence and Dexterity can be raised to your liking to customize your character but with some restrictions: one stat cannot exceed 160 points and the total sum of the three cannot exceed 250. do anything other than use a skill related to a statistic. Some examples may be Magery will raise intelligence or Wrestling will raise Dexterity and Strength.

  • Strength: This stat affects your available hit points, melee damage (little need for a wizard), and ability to carry items (you can carry more weight).
  • Intelligence: This stat affects mana points and the power of spells.
  • Dexterity: This stat affects attack speed, stamina points available, damage inflicted with ranged weapons (little need for a wizard).

Recommended Skills

Here are some ways to get the main skills up:

  • Magery: Just cast spells, the cheapest way, and cast the Magic Arrow spell on a target.
  • Meditation: Cast the skill whenever you don’t have full mana to increase it, a tip do it while macrating Magery.
  • Evaluating Intelligence: Just use the skill on yourself or on a target to make it go up.
  • Magic Resistance: To make it go up it will be enough to have spells cast against it, while macrating this skill it is recommended to also macrate Healing.
  • Anatomy: Just use the skill on yourself or on a target to make it go up.
  • Healing: Use the bandages on yourself or on a target, usually macra as Magic Resistance rises.
  • Spirit Speak: Just activate the skill