Ultima Online: Trails of Fate

Magic Jewels

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The magic rings and bracelets system is very varied, these magical jewels can be recovered from monsters, and treasure maps.
Initially they appear unidentified to study their abilities use the Item Identification skill, if the ring has magical properties its power will be revealed, otherwise the object will be destroyed.

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Rings can give various bonuses to skills and stats, offering considerable in-game help.
Identifying your magical jewels before 24 hours from discovery favors an identification bonus and therefore obtaining a magical bracelet or ring preventing it from breaking, also their power is not infinite but lasts about 30 days after which the jewel will destroy.

Fusion Rings and Bracelets

Inside lake shire (lake area) you will find a special forge that allows all tinkers to melt magical rings and bracelets by adding their bonuses (if equal).
The bonus caps are based on the tinkering skill: – from 100 to 103: Maximum +3 – from 104 to 105: Maximum +4 – from 106+: Maximum +5 The success of the mergers is 100% The item obtained from the merger has a life of 7 days.

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