Ultima Online: Trails of Fate


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Common Mounts

The most common mounts can be tamed around the world or through Stable for breeders except for the Llama.

LlamaNo Bonuses
HorseNo Bonuses

Uncommon Mounts

Mustangs are obtainable through the Breeder Stable.

Mustang CrimsonPhysical Resistance +5
Mustang RustPhysical Resistance +7
Mustang PurePhysical Resistance +10
Mustang ForestDexterity +5
Mustang SwampDexterity +7
Mustang TropicalDexterity +10
Mustang NightIntelligence +5
Mustang JaegerIntelligence +7
Mustang SpecterIntelligence +10
Mustang FruitStrength +5
Mustang ManiaStrength +7
Mustang SweetStrength +10

Rare Mounts

These mounts can be tamed and therefore only recovered around the world.

OrnStamina +15
Physical Resistance +10
OclockMana +15
Physical Resistance +10
ZostrichHit Point +15
Physical Resistance +10

Legendary Mounts

These mounts can be recovered by paying Quest Coins to the appropriate NPC located in Lake Shire and Cove.
Quest Coins can be found by completing Quests of the NPCs scattered in the various dungeons or by killing Bosses.

Giant ChickenDestrezza +10
Mana +8
Magic Resistance +5
WyvernHit Point +10
Stamina +10
Mana +10
DreadsteedIntelligence +20
Magery +3
War HorseHit Point +15
Mana +10
Grim ZostrichHit Point +40
NightmareStrength +15
Dexterity +5
Phycal Resist +10
Polar BearIntelligence +15
Meditation +5
Undead HorseDexterity +10
Hits Points +25
UnicornIntelligence +10
Mana +10
Magery +5
Black RaptorDexterity+15
Stealth +5