Ultima Online: Trails of Fate

Private Vendors

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To hire a private seller you have to buy the employment contract from the innkeepers worth about 86k, position yourself with your character in the pitch used for private sellers (Cove Market) and double click the contract, and your private seller will appear.
Through a practical gump you can view all the useful information of your Merchant, the requested rate, the quantity of items for sale, etc.
You can also customize your seller by changing clothes, hair and much more.

Useful information:

  • The Merchant will continue to work as long as his wages are paid. The money for the pay will be automatically withheld from the receipts. If the proceeds from the sales aren’t enough to pay off the Merchant’s salary, you can fund it simply by dragging gold coins to the Merchant.
  • If the Merchant does not receive a visit from the employer for more than 30 days, he will go out of business with all your merchandise. Whenever you visit your Merchant (double click on it opening the menu) the day count will be reset automatically.
  • To remove items from the sale, simply click on the “X” that will appear next to each item in the purchase panel.
  • In the event of the Merchant’s dismissal, either by the owner’s will or by non-payment of wages or unused, all goods in his possession will be lost along with the Merchant.
  • It is possible to sell a maximum of 35 items, which can be both single objects and containers with multiple objects inside to be sold as a single lot.
  • The maximum sale price that can be set for an item/lot is 5000000 gold coins.