Ultima Online: Trails of Fate

PVM Challenge

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In the city of Lake Shire you can find the board containing the summary of the current situation of dungeon scores.

Weekly scores reset every Monday at 11.30am.
All other scores are for the life of the character.

Weekly Awards

There are two types of prizes now let’s see the details.

Hair coloring and backpack

A particular hair and backpack coloring is awarded to the winners of the weekly session. For each dungeon there is a certain set of hair coloring and backpack.
At the end of the weekly cycle, the coloring passes to the current winner of the week.

Scoring Chests

Weekly if you manage to get more than 1500 points in a certain dungeon you can open a chest containing the weekly prize.
This reward is only obtainable once a week (click time), and is present for each dungeon in the Challenge.
Each dungeon has a score of its own so if you are ready to exceed 1500 points more dungeons you will have access to more rewards.