Ultima Online: Trails of Fate


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Terms of use

The following regulations may be subject to changes. The user of this service (hereinafter identified as a “player” in these terms of use) is required to inform himself of any changes to the current regulations.

By downloading our files and accessing our shard or using our communication channels (Discord), you accept these terms of use of Trails of Fate (hereafter identified as ToF). If any of these rules are violated, any administrator can punish the affected account based on the severity of the violation.

Staff have the discretion to investigate behaviors that appear suspicious. Players must cooperate with all staff requests and assist them in their investigation.
Failure to cooperate with the requests of the staff and / or attempt to mislead the investigation will be considered as an admission of guilt, with consequent disciplinary action based on gravity.

ToF staff will not restore lost or deleted characters or accounts and will not return any objects owned by characters or accounts, including objects of any kind, boats, houses or guilds, except in the event of glitches or bugs in the game or errors from part of the staff with the necessary documentation (such as screenshots). In the event of a compensable loss, ToF staff will try to restore the loss without interrupting the game server and ensuring the continuity of the game.

These rules apply to anyone who uses an account. Everyone is personally responsible for the consequences that may occur in the event of a violation of the terms of use (including the ban), even if the account was not used by the owner at the time of the violation. For this reason, we encourage you not to share your username and password with anyone and to change them frequently. A staff member will NEVER ask for your password. These rules apply in all forms of communication available to ToF, including Discord.

If you would like to report a violation of the terms of use, please contact the administrators via Discord. If a staff member is not present, please document the violation via video or screenshot.

Shard, game and community rules:

  • Account, Housing & Player Restrictions.

Each player is allowed to have 1 account per IP with 4 characters.
Account sharing is not allowed. Each player can use 1 account and 1 character in total at the same time. If multiple accounts per player are used they will all be removed.
Any player found to circumvent these restrictions in any way (including, but not limited to exploits / bugs, use of VPNs, illegal or extra accounts) will have their accounts permanently banned.
Please contact ToF staff on Discord if you have any special circumstances, such as family members playing together or roommates. Proof will be required for verification.
Selling accounts or in-game items for real money or cryptocurrency is strictly prohibited. Penalty: Ban.

  • Game in AFK (away from keyboard) or unattended.

AFK or unattended experience (EXP) gains are prohibited. The first infringement will result in a Jail for 7 days, subsequent infringements will lead to the removal of all accumulated experience (including that accumulated during the manned game) and to a Jail at the discretion of the staff. If a staff member during a check finds an unresponsive character while resources are being collected or while experience is being gained, the first infraction will result in a 7-day Jail, the second a 30-day Jail, the third a ban. It is allowed to macrate the AFK combat skills or without garrison. The gathering of AFK resources is also permitted at your own risk.

  • Game Assistance Programs.

Only the following programs are allowed:

  1. Client: ClassicUO, Client base (Vers.
  2. Assistants: Razor, RazorEnhanced, UOsteam, EasyUO
  3. Maps: UoAutoMap, EnhancedMap

The following programs are NOT allowed:

  1. Sallos, Veritas, any types of speedhack, UO Extreme, Gear, Adrenaline,  Orion.

Any program or application that allows you to have a dishonest advantage against players or the system is illegal. Players found to be using prohibited programs will be banned.

  • Names of the characters

The names of the characters in the game are unique. You cannot give a character a name already used by another player. Please choose a name that is not offensive and has no sexual, obscene or discriminatory references. It is forbidden to use names that refer to people who really exist or existed. In case the staff judges an irregular name, they will be asked to change it or it will be changed by the staff without the possibility of changing it again. Please use capital letters only on the initials of the name (Ex: Perpetua Apocalypse).

  • Guilds

It is not allowed to kill members of the Corporation [Corp], except for PK characters. In the event of a war zone, corporates will be required to leave the zone if they refuse, send a screen or a small video demonstrating the fact, the head of the corporation will take action.

  • Language and behavior

The use of vulgar, offensive, defamatory, obscene, sexually explicit, racial, ethically or sexually derogatory language towards any player or staff member, including real-life threats or personal accusations, is not permitted.
Since any online community can have different types of people, be kind and communicate without the use of vulgarity. Players who violate these rules will receive a warning and in case of recidivism they will be punished at the discretion of the staff. The use of racist or homophobic language will be considered more serious. Zero tolerance will be applied for the use of offensive, derogatory or disrespectful language towards one or more staff members.
Action will be taken against players who constantly create a negative atmosphere. Those who continue to violate this rule will be banned.
These rules also apply to any form of non-private communication to players or staff, such as Discord chat.
In correlation with this rule, guilds or groups of characters based on racist, sexist, anti-religious, anti-ethnic, anti-gay or any other type of hate philosophy cannot be organized. It is not possible to participate in any idolatry of any kind.

Pretending to be a staff member in game, on Discord or in any other way is severely punished. Penalty: immediate ban.

It is not possible to make promotions or advertisements of any kind. This includes other servers / shards / games. You are free to play whatever you like, but limit your conversations regarding other shards or games to a minimum where possible, or do so in the appropriate channels.
Advertising other Shards in game is prohibited.

It is forbidden to modify any file contained in the ToF installer unless expressly authorized to do so.
It is forbidden to use the files for any other reason outside of playing ToF. If you wish to use the game graphics (including the map, colors, etc) for other reasons, we ask you to contact the staff directly.

It is strictly forbidden to exploit bugs (including those involving land, walls, doors and various game objects) that could occur on ToF to gain advantages dishonestly. If a bug is found, it is strictly forbidden to spread and share its operation. All bugs must be reported to an administrator. For less serious bugs, you can use the bug tracker at https://uotof.com/bugtracker. Staff are allowed to reward players who report bugs.
The violation of this rule leads to the jail at the discretion of the administrators or, for the most serious cases, to the immediate ban.

Any attempted violation, interference or decryption to or from the server will be immediately reported to the competent authorities.

  • Griefing & Doxxing
  • Griefing:

Players will not be allowed to interfere with the ability of other players to play regularly, including but not limited to: excessive insults, constant negativity, extreme vulgarity; intentional blocking in places that cannot be reached or that require the use of the character release to be able to move; blocking of public portals, dungeon portals or transitional dungeon level crossings with objects that cannot be crossed interfere or block during events organized by the staff; explore specific dungeons or spawns from ghost; repeated and systematic attempts to cheat other players; use offensive or obscene names for characters or guilds, including guild titles.

  • Doxxing:

Doxxing means the publication of private information or information that allows the identification of a particular individual, typically for malicious intent. It is absolutely forbidden to publish information regarding the personal life of other players or staff, including surnames, places of birth, age and any other personal information. Given the baseness of the gesture, the penalty is an immediate ban.

How to make a report to the staff
If you believe a player is violating the above rules, here are guidelines for reporting to staff.

To be valid a screen must:

  • Contain the entire game window
  • Keep the journal open
  • Contain the client title bar
  • Contain the windows bar (where there is the clock to understand)

Once the screen is done, contact an admin or gm privately here on discord.

For any questions or clarifications, you can contact the staff via Discord.

Good game everyone,
The Staff of UO: Trails of Fate.