Ultima Online: Trails of Fate

Semiclass Seeker

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The Treasure Seeker semiclass requires the following skills:

Cartography, Detecting Hidden e lockpicking.

Treasure maps can be found inside the bodies of monsters.
Depending on the difficulty of the mob you have different percentages of finding treasure maps of 5 different levels.

Level 1 maps will be simpler, not very profitable and will require a lower level of skills, all this becomes more difficult / profitable the more the level of the map increases.

The actions to be performed are the following:

1 – Deciphering the map with cartography.
2 – Find out its location from the map and go there.
3 – Activating Detecting Hidden will reveal the map located exactly where the treasure is.
4 – Approaching it with a shovel in your backpack and double-clicking it, the chest will appear.
5 – Double-clicking the chest will bring up the first wave of monsters protecting the chest, you’ll have to kill them all before you can continue.
6 – Break into the chest.
7 – double-click on the chest to face the second wave of mobs.
8 – The contents of the chest will be available.

Treasure Maps