Ultima Online: Trails of Fate


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It is possible to transfer up to 5 working skills on your character!

SkillDescrizioneTypeTransferActivation methodMageWarriorClericArcher
AlchemyAllows you to create alchemical compounds (e.g. potions).Working50Button Skill
AnatomyIt allows to increase the effectiveness of Healing in the use of healing bandages, and affects the physical damage inflicted (both ranged and melee).Knowledge80Button Skill
Animal LoreIt allows to evaluate the conditions of the animals, and in the case of horses, when combined with Veterinary it allows them to mate / give birth / grow.Working50Button Skill
Animal TamingIt allows you to tame non-hostile animals.Working50Button Skill
ArcheryAllows you to fight using bows and crossbows.Combat80Harnessing a Bow or Crossbow   
Arms LoreAllows you to evaluate the characteristics of weapons and armor, skills necessary to carry out repairs and for the creation of all special weapons.Working50Button Skill
BlacksmithyAllows you to work minerals to make plate armor, mailers and melee weapons. It also allows you to transform raw minerals into ingots.Working50Specific Item
BowcraftIt allows you to work wood to make bows, crossbows, arrows and darts.Working50Specific Item
Mental FocusYou passively get a chance equal to your skill level of not flizz cast when taking magic damage, for each skill point above 100 you also get a 1% chance not to flizz when taking physical damage.Knowledge80Taking magical damage ✔  ✔ 
CampingDepending on your skill level, your maximum weight will passively increase, allowing you to light campfires. Double clicking the fire and then a rune will burn it (regardless of the number of charges). if you remain “safe” in a radius of a few tiles and for about twenty seconds from the campfire, you will teleport.Knowledge80Specific Item
CarpentryIt allows you to make buildings in wood and metal, such as boats and furniture to furnish homes.Working50Specific Item
CartographyIt allows you to create maps of cities, seas and the world.Working50Specific Item
ChivalryDisabled. (proposals accepted)     
CookingAllows you to cook delicious dishes. Working50Specific Item
Detecting HiddenIt allows you to find out if there are any treasures or living beings hidden nearby.Knowledge80Button Skill
DiscordanceThrough a melody, he applies a debuff to the physical and elemental resistances of the Mob and slows down their race towards the acquired goal.Knowledge80 Button Skill
Evaluating IntelligenceIt allows you to train your mind in order to passively recover mana.Knowledge80Button Skill   
FarmingIt allows you to grow vegetables, reagent plants and special plants.Working50Specific Item
FencingAllows you to use armor-piercing weapons (short blades, even pole blades).Combat80Embarking on a Fence-type weapon  
FishingIt allows you to fish various kinds of fish depending on the sea you are in. The seas could hide various treasures …Working50Specific Item
FocusBy sacrificing movement speed (inability to run), it allows the one who equips a shield to focus on their defense, passively recovering stamina and life points.Combat80Skill button, have a shield in hand and be in war  
ForensicsIt allows to obtain information from the corpses, guarantees the possibility of extracting larger quantities of resources from them (carve) with the help of special knives. Knowledge80Skill button and specific item
HealingIt allows to use bandages to heal humans from wounds and poisons.Combat80Bandages on humans
HerdingDisabled. (proposals accepted)     
HidingIt allows you to hide from the sight of other players or monsters. You will reveal yourself when any action or step is taken.Knowledge80Skill Button
ImbuingDisabled. (proposals accepted)     
InscriptionAllows you to inscribe magical scrolls, wizard and cleric books, enchantments and magical gems. It can be used ONLY in combination with Magery.Working50Specific Item  
Item IdentificationIt allows to evaluate the characteristics of an object, and if unknown it reveals its nature (for example magical jewels).Working50Skill Button
LockpickingAllows you to unlock various types of locked locks, including treasure chests.Working50Specific Item
LumberjackingIt allows, by holding an ax, to obtain lumber from trees.Working50Specific Item  
Mace FightingAllows you to use blunt weapons such as hammers and clubs.Combat80Wearing a Mace or Hammer type weapon  
MageryAllows you to use spells written in a spellbook.Combat80Using Magic  
Mechanical LoreIt allows you to evaluate complex mechanisms (such as traps and secret doors) and interact with them to activate or deactivate them temporarily. (skill still under development)Working50Skill Button    
MeditationAllows you to focus on recovering mana. Any action performed interrupts the meditation.Knowledge80Skill Button  
MiningIt allows you to dig in the mines with pickaxes to get minerals and gems.Working50Specific Item  
MusicianshipIt outlines your character’s mastery in playing an instrument and therefore also the ability to use the melody to influence the surrounding environment. It is connected to 3 other skills: Discordance – Provocation – PeacemakingKnowledge80Specific Item
MysticismDisabled. (proposals accepted)     
NecromancyDisabled. (proposals accepted)     
NinjitsuDisabled. (proposals accepted)     
ParryingIt allows you to use shields of all kinds, obtaining the ability to parry physical blows and mitigate the damage suffered.Combat80Embracing a Shield  
PeacemakingThe user is able to calm the emotions of the Mob making it peaceful.
It is possible to use this skill both on a single target targeting the NPC directly, and on an area around you targeting yourself.
Knowledge80 Skill Button    
PoisoningAllows you to poison the blades of melee weapons. Poisons of the same type can be applied repeatedly to the same weapon. The poison vanishes only by using the weapon, therefore it is possible to trade poisoned weapons.Working50Skill Button  
ProvocationThe user is able to provoke and incite one Mob against the other. The duration of the effect generated by the skill is calculated based on the level of the Musicanship and Provocation skills.Knowledge80 Skill Button 
Resisting SpellsAllows you to have the ability to resist hostile spells, blocking their effects.Combat80Taking magical damage
SnoopingAllows you to rummage through other people’s backpacks for valuables. (CRIMINAL action) (Currently to be re-scripted)Knowledge80Backpack of the target
SpellweavingDisabled. (proposals accepted)     
Spirit SpeakReset your mana and gradually heal you equal to half the mana spent.Knowledge80Key  
StealingAllows you to steal an item from the target bacpack (CRIMINAL action) (Currently to be re-scripted)Knowledge80Key
StealthIt allows, after using the Hiding skill, to walk and run while remaining hidden from view (the distance traveled is positively affected by your dexterity and negatively by the weight carried).Knowledge80Skill Button
SwordsmanshipAllows you to use edged weapons such as swords and axes.Combat80Wearing a sword or axe type weapon   
TacticsIncreases the damage of your weapon and the percentage of critical hits made and affects physical damage dealt (both ranged and melee).Combat80Fighting 
TailoringIt allows you to work fabrics and leathers to make clothing and leather armor.Working50Specific Item
Taste IdentificationDisabled. (proposals accepted) 
ThrowingDisabled. (proposals accepted)     
TinkeringIt allows you to work all sorts of materials to make everyday objects and bone armor.Working50Specific Item
TrackingIt allows you to follow the traces of living beings nearby.Knowledge80Skill Button
VeterinaryIt allows to use bandages to heal animals from wounds and poisons. This skill is needed to heal horses in the stable.Working50Bandages on animals
WrestlingAllows you to fight with your bare hands.Combat80Fighting with bare hands