Ultima Online: Trails of Fate

Treasure maps

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Treasure maps can be recovered according to their level from more or less simple monsters to more complex ones.
In fact they are classified into 5 levels, common, uncommon, rare, epic, mythic, clearly the most common will have more common objects and so on.

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Skills & Items Required:


Cartography, Detecting hidden, Lockpicking (to crack the trunk)
The percentages of skills may vary depending on the level of the map.


Shovel, Treasure Map.


  • It is necessary to have the treasure map in your bag.
  • Click on the map to identify the level, and the location of the chest
  • Double click the map and search for the correct location
  • Once you have found the area, help yourself with the Detecting hidden skill, if you are in the correct position, an object, a stone, or plant will appear.
  • Double click on the object, monsters will be generated which must be killed.
  • At what point can you pick the chest, once broken double click on it and a second wave of monsters will appear
  • Killed the monsters you can retrieve the objects inside the chest.

Treasure Map Merger

Through the skill Cartography (Craft), it is possible to merge 5 maps of level 2 to obtain one of 3, and so on). The success of the merger is based on the Cartography skill.