Ultima Online: Trails of Fate

Changelog 15-01-2021

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The UTOF Staff never stops, here are the news we have implemented.

New type of SURVIVAL Dungeon is accessed from the Nujel’m Cemetery, through a portal, and to pass it you must be dead. You will therefore be resurrected inside the dungeon and you will have to survive with what you find and reach the end.
-The deposit has been updated, now in the Misc category it will be possible to store treasure maps and blueprints, in addition to the bones category the Abyssal bones have been added.
-Disabled spell reactive armor, enabled the spell protection whose effect is now +8 ar available only to the cleric class. enabled in the same way archprotection which is simply an area protection. 31
– After the restart at 11.30 (it may last longer) the version of the emulator will be updated, if any anomalies occur, report them promptly.
-Every 2 skill points above 100 of eva int will give 1 additional mana of regen
-Touch all the special weapons (over the weekend I will integrate all the specifications on the site) in the meantime you are all OBLIGED to use the chest named “ITEM CHANGER”, simple operation .. drag the weapon over and return it fixed.
– Increased the base probability of some critics based on the effect of the critic (as I will specify above on the website)
-Increased the maximum value of stat based modifiers
-Retouched the str curve on swordmanship skill.


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