Ultima Online: Trails of Fate

Changelog 13-01-2021

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-We inform all players that from this moment the Rock Dungeon is open and usable by everyone.
-Added new skill for wizards and clerics Mental Focus whose operation is as follows: for each skill point you have the same chance not to flutter the cast when you receive MAGIC DAMAGE for each skill point above one hundred you have a 1% chance not to flare the cast when PHYSICAL DAMAGE is received. To raise it to 35 you can go to the healers (if you do not find it you must “refresh” the NPC from the game) (momentarily it will be displayed as bushido) to train it raises at the same way of resisting spells.
-The holds will have a limit of stones depending on the ship, currently only a warning message will appear, from tomorrow you will be unable to place objects if the weight limit is reached.

The new Patch-Patch 2.2 is also available at this link https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cpGvjYTAIu97e8Nc85Jq8-vSl7zQR_gU/view?usp=sharing


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