Ultima Online: Trails of Fate

Changelog 18-01-2021

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  • We communicate that the problems of using the 3 galleons have been solved. How they work: To climb DClick on the ropes at the edges (see attached photo) To descend, walk on the rope in the direction you want to descend To open or close use the key on the ropes (red = closed) (Basic color Open) The drydock goes used on the Rudder and not on the tillerman (as it is not present in these boats) For the rest, the operation is the same as the others. For any anomaly the BugTracker always and only refers, reports to dude etc. are useless!
  • We have decreased the score needed for dungeon rewards to 1000.
  • With the new version of the ClassicUO client ( the visibility of the runes related to the cast is improved. If you update, I recommend that you save a copy of your current settings.json (and any / Profiles in the Data folder)
  • As suggested, the possibility has been added to see what happens after the murderer count decay. By saying in game the phrase “I must consider my sins” the details will be displayed.


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