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Juicy changelog 10-01-2021

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Hi all, important news have been introduced today, let’s go into detail:
Treasure Maps: – Treasure map loot templates have been changed according to the current policy of giving RESOURCES instead of pre-made ITEMS. – Using the Cartography (Craft) skill, it is possible to merge 5 level 2 maps to obtain one of 3, and so on). The success of the merger is based on the Cartography skill

Fusion Rings and Bracelets: A special forge has been activated inside lake shire (lake area) that allows all tinkers to cast magical rings and bracelets by adding their bonuses (if equal). The bonus caps are based on the tinkering skill: – from 100 to 103: Maximum +3 – from 104 to 105: Maximum +4 – from 106+: Maximum +5 The success of the mergers is 100% The item obtained from the merger has a life of 7 days.

New on the PvP front!: New special containers have been added to your guild headquarters; when an enemy is killed – thus earned honor points – in them “could” appear material resources useful to the winner of the clash.

Site: made reading the homepage more “human”. As soon as I find time I also correct the news posts which are all pissed off. Peace


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